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Apologize No Matter What?

Should we “apologize no matter what?” Some people live by this motto. Generally, they are perceived as people-pleasers with weak spines. Their chief end is to avoid conflict. Others were children raised to “just apologize.” Others are those who want to “just keep the peace,” so they apologize. Others live by the phrase, “happy wife,… Continue reading Apologize No Matter What?

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5 Ways to Help Your Church Grow Spiritually

There are times that people struggle with their church in how it is doing spiritually. This is not unusual, and at times is even healthy. I’m not addressing this in response to anyone lately – please understand that. That being said I’ve heard this from various people  in the past about their churches, so I… Continue reading 5 Ways to Help Your Church Grow Spiritually

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3 Ways to Interact with a Sermon

For about six years I had no molding on the inside of my office door. There was just a large gap between the door and sheetrock. As someone who is a little of a perfectionist, this bothered me. After a while, however, I completely ignored it because I became comfortable with it. Finally today, as… Continue reading 3 Ways to Interact with a Sermon