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Parenting Book Recommendations

Every so often I’m going to take a break from talking and point you to others you should listen to. This week I want to give a couple recommendations on parenting books. While we can use hundreds of principles from the Bible to parent, there is very little in Scripture (compared to the size of… Continue reading Parenting Book Recommendations

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Flannelgraph Theology

Some of you may have grown up like me. You went to Sunday School every week. I still remember some of my teachers, the little snacks we got, the uncomfortable clothes my parents made me wear (love you mom), the songs we sung, and most of all the flannelgraph. For those who don’t know what… Continue reading Flannelgraph Theology

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Perfect Families and Unanswered Prayer

There is a misconception about people who attend church. For some reason there can be a belief that people in the church have it all together in life. It can come from outside the church, or it can come from inside the church. You might think, “I’m the only one in this church that has… Continue reading Perfect Families and Unanswered Prayer