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Dad’s Weapons to Protect His Daughter

When it comes to protecting our daughters, God has given us many weapons. Godly men want to protect and provide for their daughters. They want them to marry men who will do the same – caring, loving, providing and meeting their needs. One way is to take our girls on “daddy dates” which you can… Continue reading Dad’s Weapons to Protect His Daughter

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25 Articles From My Guest Bloggers and Interviews

This October we will have published over 150 articles on our blog. This week what I would like to do is look back and highlight the 13 people who have either been guest bloggers or who I have interviewed with over two dozen articles. This will give an appreciation of those who have helped this… Continue reading 25 Articles From My Guest Bloggers and Interviews

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5 Reasons Your Child Needs You as their Primary Shepherd – Guest Blogger Cam Hyde

Every once in awhile I take a week to point you to other voices who speak truth. One of the ways I do this is by featuring  a guest blogger. Today’s post comes from Cam Hyde. Some of this post has been edited with the author’s permission. Cam and I belong to a group of… Continue reading 5 Reasons Your Child Needs You as their Primary Shepherd – Guest Blogger Cam Hyde

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Teaching Children Scripture

I’ve said before that if you cannot teach something to a child, there’s a good chance you don’t understand it yourself. I’m not talking about the intricacies of things not age-appropriate;  you won’t teach a five-year-old calculus, but many important lessons can be taught at a basic level. Recently one of my children taught me… Continue reading Teaching Children Scripture

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Loving Our Children Who “Trigger” Us Guest Blogger Shannon Madden

“Triggered” is a word gaining popularity in our culture. I remember a time when it was not part of common language. Now it seems very common. It generally means that something has stimulated a powerful emotional reaction from the person who is “triggered.” In their recent book, Triggers: Exchanging Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses,… Continue reading Loving Our Children Who “Trigger” Us Guest Blogger Shannon Madden

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How Adoption Reflects the Heart of God

For those who are unaware, November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Although my wife and I have not adopted, we have many friends and some relatives who have and have gleaned much from them. I also want to recognize those who have fostered children. First, I am not advocating that everyone adopt. There are some… Continue reading How Adoption Reflects the Heart of God

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Who Sewed it Back On? 

One of my favorite TV shows growing up was Home Improvement. One of the classic episodes had one of the guys give a Mother’s Day poem. He stands up, takes off his hard hat and recites all the things that his mother did for him. His last line was about his severed thumb. “But who… Continue reading Who Sewed it Back On? 

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What Age Should a Child have a Device?

My guess is that this Internet fad isn’t going away. In some ways our society is driven by the Internet. Computers are in every area of our lives whether we like it or not. Modern cars have computers and so do airplanes; we shop using computers; computers help us find destinations. Some of us grew… Continue reading What Age Should a Child have a Device?

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How to Tick Off Your Kids

If you grew up like me, you were told to obey and honor your parents a thousand times, and rightly so. Fortunately for me, I had parents that were honorable. We could use more families like this in our society, could we not? It seems that today’s kids and teenagers have much less respect for… Continue reading How to Tick Off Your Kids

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Parenting Book Recommendations

Every so often I’m going to take a break from talking and point you to others you should listen to. This week I want to give a couple recommendations on parenting books. While we can use hundreds of principles from the Bible to parent, there is very little in Scripture (compared to the size of… Continue reading Parenting Book Recommendations