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Praise for Boring, Faithful Moms

Let me start out by saying I’m not a mom, so my deficiency starts there. But I have three advantages that would allow me to write such an article. First, this might surprise you, but I have a mom. I’ve observed her my whole life and how she functions, loves others, and how she has mommed. Second, I’m married to a mom, an amazing woman who attempts her best to mom God’s way. Third, I have Scripture. While I may not experience motherhood, and won’t fully understand what it is like to be a mom, Scripture tells me a lot about moms. I can gain understanding from it.

Moms today seem very flashy. Some on social media seem to be dressed to the nines and still be doing some craft with their children or letting them play in the mud. I’m not saying that my wife bums around the house in rags while she does chores, but I often think that may be seen as more the norm than not.

My guess is the mom that somehow seems to work a full time job, cook dinner like Ina Garten, decorate her house like Martha Stewart, read to her children three hours a night, and spend hours with her husband after that doesn’t exist. And while a recent survey in the UK showed that 70% of kids, when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. was famous. The majority of moms I know have fairly simple, under-the-radar lives.

That’s when I realized that Scripture often praises what seems like boring, but faithful moms. I don’t use the word boring in the negative sense as unable to have an intellectual conversation. I use it in the meaning that they are often grinding out the same monotonous tasks day after day. 

But these boring, or monotonous tasks are praiseworthy. How can that be? A mom mostly cares for those in her home: changing the diaper for the 1,357th time, or cooking that same chicken dish month after month, and once again helping the children with their homework. These tasks may seem boring, but her faithfulness to this extremely important work provides care to everyone in her presence! This is what makes her awesome. Her faithfulness is an awesome example to her children and a tremendous testimony for the Lord.

What women often fail to realize is how valuable they are to their families. While they may feel insignificant in the grand scope of society, the reality is, to their husbands and children they are priceless. That’s why Proverbs 31:10 says of this godly, faithful, boring mom: “She is far more precious than jewels.” The millionth time you clean up a spill, listen to a teenager bear their heart, or pack that school lunch may seem trivial, but to the person in your home you are serving, you are invaluable. 

This should cause us to praise our mothers. I didn’t say worship, but praise – tell them how awesome they are, speak positive words of and to them, and to brag about them. We can do this by directly telling them how much they bless us, thanking them for what they do, telling others how great they are, and showing them how joyful we are because we are blessed by them. Proverbs 31:28 says, “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.”

Which brings us to the next point. Dads, we should lead the way. If we don’t set the pattern of praising our wives, we will raise ungrateful children who don’t recognize how blessed they are by their moms. The praise for the moms in our homes should start with us.

Moms, do you see your work as pointless and insignificant, or as being able to form eternal souls in your home? Dads, do you praise your wives, do so in front of your children and others, and let her know how valuable she is to your family? Kids, do you give praise to your mom, or take for granted all that she does for you?

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