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David and Goliath, The Real Hero

One of the best known Old Testament stories is David and Goliath. Even someone who never stepped foot in church knows the story of the underdog.  The story is found in I Samuel 17, but let me summarize it for you. There is a giant named Goliath, who is a Philistine. He is taunting and… Continue reading David and Goliath, The Real Hero

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Why Catechism?

Everyone has an  idea of what church should be like. Some people are looking for specific traditions or programs  they believe the church needs in order for them to attend. Others have a long list of requirements, to the point that they will never find the “perfect” church they are looking for. So when someone… Continue reading Why Catechism?

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Theology Books for Kids

Shannon and I love our children. They are among the greatest bright spots of my day. Because I love my children, I want them to grow up with good theology so that they know the real God. There are thousands of children’s books that you can pick up from the Dollar Store to the big… Continue reading Theology Books for Kids

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Flannelgraph Theology

Some of you may have grown up like me. You went to Sunday School every week. I still remember some of my teachers, the little snacks we got, the uncomfortable clothes my parents made me wear (love you mom), the songs we sung, and most of all the flannelgraph. For those who don’t know what… Continue reading Flannelgraph Theology