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God and the Problem of Evil

Part #1 When God Ministers Pain “If God is good, how can there be evil in the world?’ This question of the ages is referred to as “The Problem of Evil.” The question itself is excellent and complex. Through the next couple blog series, I will attempt to answer that very question.  The first thing… Continue reading God and the Problem of Evil

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5 Books that Answer Questions about God

There is a branch of theological study which is called apologetics. Many people wrongly believe that this is apologizing for something because of its name. Apologetics is actually “reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something.” In other words it is using argumentation in an attempt to prove something. In apologetics relation to theology, reasoning… Continue reading 5 Books that Answer Questions about God

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Children’s Fiction with Christian Worldviews by Shannon Madden

Shannon is my wife, and mother to our three children. She loves reading, and especially loves reading to our children. She has developed a list of five fiction books, and how they portray the Christian worldview. All of these books would be great gifts for your children. Tim You may have heard the expression that… Continue reading Children’s Fiction with Christian Worldviews by Shannon Madden

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10 Books Everyone Should Read

In celebration of my 10th anniversary at  Cornerstone, I’m writing  several blogs listing a variety of my favorite  “10 things.” Over the next couple weeks my lists will include  people who influenced me over the last 10 years, why I love living in the Forest City Community and what I learned in the last 10… Continue reading 10 Books Everyone Should Read

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What is Love?

Many times in life I go through the day thinking I was born in the wrong era. Do you ever feel that way? Technology has afforded us many things that are amazing, but one of the places I keep seeing myself is on the streets of England during various points of history. There are several reasons for… Continue reading What is Love?