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5 Ways God Shows His Power

If our God is not mighty, how could we rely or count on Him? If He is omnipotent, meaning He is all powerful, or unlimited in power, then nothing that is a part of His will is too hard for Him to handle. When we know and own that our God is all powerful, then we will stand stronger, not because of our own might, but because of His. 

The prophet Isaiah said Jesus would be all powerful when He came. In Isaiah 9:6 he calls Him the “mighty God.” Here are five ways we can see God as all powerful.


The first way we see God as all powerful is through creation. “In the beginning God created.” Not only did He create, and create the entire cosmos at that, but He created out of nothing, and with nothing, but His power.”


Redemptive history is the history of how God saved the world, despite everything against the line of Christ. From the time Abraham was told that His seed would one day bear the fruit of the Messiah, Satan tried to take that line out.

The Israelites’ backs were against the wall more than once: God used Joseph to save them from famine; Moses to lead them out of Egyptian slavery; Esther to save them from being slaughtered by the Persians; and Daniel and others to help lead the people out of slavery once again in Babylon. God is powerful enough to keep the line of Israel alive to one day bring us Jesus.


One of the greatest acts of power seen by man was the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The power to raise the dead is God’s alone. Not only was He raised from the dead, but technically He raised Himself from the dead. A dead God that can bring Himself back from death is a powerful God.


One of the greatest testaments to the power of God and the Gospel is changed lives. This is what Peter is talking about in I Peter 3:15 when he says, “the hope that is in you.” He’s talking about sharing how God changes lives. The power to transform someone’s life and flip it upside down for the better is a God thing.


This is the one powerful thing which God has not done yet, but will do. Revelation 20:7-10 tells us how Jesus will ultimately destroy and bind Satan for eternity. The power to overthrow the world’s darkest evil shows God’s power to the nations.


How powerful is God to you? Have you seen His power in your life yet? If so, how? What power has He exhibited in history already? Where could you use His power right now?

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