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4 Questions for Atheistic Evolutionists

My secularistic, atheistic, evolutionary friends are always questioning and grilling me about Creation. I am alright with this . That being said, I’d like to turn the tables for a week. Here are four questions I have for atheists. Things that I believe the burden of proof is on an atheistic secular evolutionist. I am not attempting to be snarky in this post, but create real discussion and am looking for real answers to these questions.

  1. From where did the matter for the big bang come? I have written on this previously
  2. Can you explain the science of how disorder creates order? If the world is so complex (and I do believe it is), how does the big bang, a theoretical explosion, create an ordered universe with quadrillions of things perfectly happening at the same time?

3.How does evolution create the mind? I am not speaking of the brain, but of the Mind and Cosmosmind? Thomas Nagel, a renowned American philosopher, poses this question. He is a proclaimed atheist, but he asks in his book “Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False” addresses this question. This book is short and deep, but important to this conversation. 

4. If we, as humans, are just evolutionary animals, how can anything we do be good or bad? Within an evolutionary secularist mindset, we are just animals. Isn’t everything we do just instinct in our survival of the fittest? If everything we do is just instinct, why are humans blamed for anything?

I’m looking forward to hearing answers from my atheistic, secular, evolutionary friends to these questions. I have more, but I believe that this is a good start to get people thinking about what I believe to be the absurdity of the atheistic evolutionary theory.

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