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Learning the 10 Commandments Again

There is much discussion on where the Ten Commandments fall into place within our society. Part of my contention is not the issue of society itself being the problem, but Christians themselves. Not only have we forgotten the Ten Commandments, we do not know how to properly understand them. All I want to do in this article is provide you resources for studying the Ten Commandments. I hope you will take time to pick up one or more of these books to learn  how you should apply them in your life.

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Keeping the 10 Commandments by J I. Packer. This is the smallest book in this series and can easily be read over two or three nights. It could also be used as a devotional guide to reading one short chapter a day. J.I. Packer has aged wisdom and much to share in this short book.

How Jesus Transforms the Ten Commandments by Edmund P. Clowney and Rebecca Clowney Jones. This book is essential to understanding the Ten Commandments for today. If we merely see the 10 Commandments as old written laws, we will live legalistically and our faith will be dry. If we understand how Jesus is part of the Ten Commandments and lived them out in His life, our worship and lives will be fresh and Jesus-Centered.

Words from the Fire by Albert Mohler Jr. Al Mohler takes a basic step by step process of walking through each of the commandments. He takes a more in-depth look at not only how we are to live out the commandments, but why God gave them.

Written in Stone by Philip Graham Ryken.  Because of who Phil Ryken is, he has more to say from a philosophical and literary sense. He attempts to address the commandments from the state of understanding how society is functioning, and how it can be redeemed.

Delighting in the Law of the Lord by Jerram Barrs. This book is not specifically about the Ten Commandments, but does address them. It is more an overview of how God works through law in general. He takes us beyond the idea of God’s law being merely a list of do’s and don’ts , and reflects on the way that God uses the law to lead us to Jesus. This is a more in-depth resource, but will provide great benefit to your Christian life, as much of  Scripture falls under the genre of law-giving.

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