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5 Books for Christian Women by Shannon Madden

At this point in life, Shannon and I have been married for almost 13 years. She cares for the women of our church, and enjoys ministering to them. She is an avid reader for as long as I have known her. I asked her to put together a list of books for Christian women. Here it is.

Praying Together by Megan Hill. Crossway 2016praying together

This book is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to establish the regular habit of praying with other believers. The author discusses the foundations of group prayer, the fruits of group prayer, and the practice of group prayer in our churches and families. Since group prayer is often a neglected practice, or simply tacked on to other gatherings, this book is an excellent resource in prioritizing community prayer.

glimpses of graceGlimpses of Grace by Gloria Furman. Crossway 2013

Many women feel that their lives are spent on the hamster wheel of mundane tasks. In  this book the author helps us recognize the glory of God and an out-working of the Gospel in everyday occurrences and obligations. The author’s down-to-earth writing style feels like having a conversation with your best friend.

Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin. Crossway 2014   womenoftheword

This book is a simple guide to more effective Bible study. The author first explains  the rationale for Bible literacy among women. She then describes an easy to follow, step-by-step process for more effective Bible study. The process laid out in this book can be undertaken by both new believers and seasoned followers of Jesus..

treasuringchristwhenyourhandsarefull Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full by Gloria Furman. Crossway 2014

This book is more specifically for women in the stage of motherhood with  her children still at home. It is both an encouragement and a call to worship. With short chapters, this book reads easily as a devotional. It will draw the reader’s attention to the Gospel in instances when we feel furthest from God and least equipped to lead our children as followers of Christ.

None Like Him by Jen Wilkin. Crossway 2016   nonlikehim.jpg

This author once again takes a stand for  theological study for women. An important aspect of loving and following God is knowing Him as He has revealed Himself in Scripture. This book shows us ten ways God is different from us and how those differences are both a conviction and an encouragement for us as followers of God. Each chapter features scriptures for meditation, and questions for reflection which make this book ideal for personal or group study.

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