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Dad’s Weapons to Protect His Daughter

When it comes to protecting our daughters, God has given us many weapons. Godly men want to protect and provide for their daughters. They want them to marry men who will do the same – caring, loving, providing and meeting their needs. One way is to take our girls on “daddy dates” which you can… Continue reading Dad’s Weapons to Protect His Daughter

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Protecting Our Daughters Sexually

At the point of writing this, my girls are not even 10 yet. Some would say if I was thinking about how to protect them sexually at this age, I’m thinking way too far in advance. I would say others don’t think about it early enough. Before we get into that though, let me say… Continue reading Protecting Our Daughters Sexually

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Why I Date Three Women at Once

I’ve met a few guys in life who like to “play the field,”  guys who are interested in dating several women at once. I used to think this was a bad thing, but I think I figured out how to use it to my advantage. Some guys just go on random dates with random girls.… Continue reading Why I Date Three Women at Once