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Why We Must Speak the Truth in Love

There is a modern cultural disagreement about the idea of speaking the truth in love. On one side we have people who do not believe in truth. (Well, they will say they believe in truth, but that truth is relative. If all truth is relative, there is no truth). On the other side you have… Continue reading Why We Must Speak the Truth in Love

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The Blessing of Confrontation

Sometimes when we think about tasks that God has called us to we only think about the negative side of them. This is one reason that we either delay or fail to do them.  Even when God calls us to do something, and there’s no positive outcome for us, we still need to obey. Although… Continue reading The Blessing of Confrontation

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The Catapult Verse

When we think about Christianity we often think about love. Maybe you believe the church hasn’t loved someone, but the very thought of that itself shows that you believe Christians should love. The question is, are there times when the church may correctly do something that doesn’t seem loving, but is loving? The answer is… Continue reading The Catapult Verse