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A Quick Discipleship Guide in John

We use this word “disciple” a lot, but often we either do not define it well, don’t understand it’s fullness, or do not help people practically enough to be able to help actually disciple someone else. The simple goal of Christian discipleship is to help someone follow Jesus better. A disciple is someone who learns,… Continue reading A Quick Discipleship Guide in John

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5 Ways to Help Your Church Grow Spiritually

There are times that people struggle with their church in how it is doing spiritually. This is not unusual, and at times is even healthy. I’m not addressing this in response to anyone lately – please understand that. That being said I’ve heard this from various people  in the past about their churches, so I… Continue reading 5 Ways to Help Your Church Grow Spiritually

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Fast Food Theology

Several years ago I took a new position at work. I often joke about it as my forced promotion. The position that I left was one where I usually was in the same classroom all the time. I would often bring my leftovers from home those days and also kept spare tuna fish, soup and… Continue reading Fast Food Theology