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Theology Books for Kids

Shannon and I love our children. They are among the greatest bright spots of my day. Because I love my children, I want them to grow up with good theology so that they know the real God. There are thousands of children’s books that you can pick up from the Dollar Store to the big box stores. Many of them are full of bad theology because their purpose is more marketing than theology. I wanted to suggest  several books for you and  your children.

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The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden by Kevin DeYoung and Don Clark. This book is fantastic. The pictures are very artistic and vibrant. Kevin does a great job at telling the story of the Bible in a condensed version. He also does an amazing job of  showing how the Gospel is the center of the history of the Bible. Our church leadership and children’s ministry leaders loved it so much that we decided to buy one for every family with children in  our church. There is also now a DVD that it is as great as the book. If you only had money for two books on this list, this should be one.

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross: by Carl Laferton and Catalina Echeverri. This is a great children’s book which explains how the story of the Bible connects the garden of Eden, the tabernacle and the cross in one Christocentric book. This book shares the gospel with children in a fantastic way.

The Ology: Ancient Truths, Ever New by Marty Machowski and Andy McGuire. This is a meatier book, but a great resource to any family with children. It is a great way to teach children doctrine and theology. It’s more information than story form, but if you read it to them for a couple minutes two or three times over a week, they’d probably have better theology than some adults. The group at New Growth Press also produced a CD to go with this book.

The Priest with Dirty Clothes by R C. Sproul and Greg Bailey. The story is not only intriguing, but also  refreshing. R C. Sproul has written several children’s books, including The Prince’s Poison Cup and The Lightings.

Everything a Child Should Know About God by Kenneth Taylor and Jenny Brake. This book offers tons of information about many things in Scripture. From the Gospel, to the disciples and wise men, to Bible stories, to theology. The pictures are very kid-friendly, and easy to read for even small children.

The New City Catechism: 52 Questions and Answers for our Hearts and Minds by Kathy Keller. The word catechism is Greek for “to teach orally.” In this context it is a summary or exposition of doctrine or a learning tool. This book gives the questions and answers needed to have a balanced approach about God. It provides  shortened versions for children to use. You can teach your child one theological truth each week and give them a great base in  theological understanding for their entire life. I have personally looked through this catechism and feel like the theology and packaging have made it the best catechism book  currently for children. If you only had money for two books, this should be #2 on the list .

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