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3 Keys to Teaching Your Kids about God Every Day

In Deuteronomy 6 we have several of the most famous passages in the book, maybe even in the Old Testament. We have the greatest commandment and how to raise our children. In Deuteronomy 6:1-9 God gives us 3 keys to teaching our kids about God every day.

1 Parents Fear God First (Verse 2): The first one has nothing to do with children, but has to do with us as parents. Before we are told how to teach our children, we are called to “fear the LORD your God.” We are told that we can do this by “Keeping all his statutes and commandments.” Teaching children God’s ways starts with our obedience. It begins with us being role models to our children of how God wants us to live and act.

2 Teaching Starts with Loving God (Verse 5): You can’t teach about following after God if you don’t love Him yourself. Before God tells them how to practically train their children in His ways, He tells them they need to love Him. That which you love you will follow. IF they don’t love God, they are just handing down rules. If they love God they are going to teach out of a love for Him, and teach their children how to follow Him through love.

3 Teach Children about God Everywhere in Every Situation: Once we have it down that we are obeying God ourselves as parents out of a love for Him, we can teach the next generation to love God. Verses 4-6 talk about teaching your children about God while sitting, walking, and lying down. This passage is not talking about gym poses. What it means is that we are supposed to teach our children about God in every situation. Teach them at the dinner table, on the car ride home from basketball practice, while you are getting ready for bed, on the way to vacation. And teach them in every situation. Talk about something they saw on TV, a situation that came up at school, or some interaction they had with their siblings.

Do you teach your children about God? Are you following Him yourself? Do you teach them about God out of a love for God? Are you taking advantage of daily opportunities to teach your children about God in a variety of scenarios and circumstances?

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