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4 Blessings of In-Person Worship

Over the last year, the global pandemic forced decisions by churches to worship in-person or online. I do not want to debate what individuals should be doing right now. I do, however, want to discuss the blessings of in-person worship, which we can’t experience online. 1. Proclamation of Salvation through Communion Communion is a corporate… Continue reading 4 Blessings of In-Person Worship

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10 Ways to Spiritually Grow at Your Church

There are many people who can grow spiritually at their church. The problem many people have is not a lack of opportunities to grow, but they are not taking advantage of those opportunities. I am going to list some ways to spiritually grow at our church. If you are reading this, and attending another church,… Continue reading 10 Ways to Spiritually Grow at Your Church

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The How of Communion

Previously I addressed the question, “What is communion?” The majority of Christians would agree with most of what I wrote about why we observe communion. As a quick refresher, communion celebrates the cross of Christ and the forgiveness that He died to offer. Communion also is a time to repent and “get right” with God,… Continue reading The How of Communion

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Communion: Celebrate, Repent, Proclaim, Unite

There are times I have stepped back and asked myself, “Is what we do at church tradition or what God wants?” It’s not that all church tradition is bad, although I do think we need to take time to evaluate what we are doing from time to time. On Mother’s Day, for example, our church… Continue reading Communion: Celebrate, Repent, Proclaim, Unite