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10 Ways to Spiritually Grow at Your Church

There are many people who can grow spiritually at their church. The problem many people have is not a lack of opportunities to grow, but they are not taking advantage of those opportunities. I am going to list some ways to spiritually grow at our church. If you are reading this, and attending another church, what are ways you spiritually grow at your church?

SERMONS: This probably seems like the most obvious one, so I’ll start with sermons. Every week someone teaches from God’s word. Every week we attempt to teach something straight from Scripture that both the seasoned Christian and the person seeking God can learn. Speakers try their best to think through some of the objections and questions about the passage to answer those questions.

BLOG: While many people who do not attend our church read my blog, one of its main purposes is spiritual growth for our church. Having pastored for about 10 years at Cornerstone I have found out that often when people have questions about God or their faith many people have the same questions. This blog allows me to answer a variety of those questions.

MEN’S AND WOMEN’S GROUPS: Men’s and women’s groups meet several times throughout the year. This allows time for each gender to discreetly discuss specifical struggles. These groups also build up a camaraderie amongst the the church.

SCRIPTURE MEMORY:  Every month at our church we learn a new verse together. We all recite  the verse of the month each Sunday. We also print out business cards with the verses on them so people can work on memorizing them during the week. Scripture teaches  the importance of scripture memory. This allows us to collectively learn scripture as a church.

LIBRARY: The church library is one of my pet projects. I started it shorty after coming to Cornerstone. Right now we have several hundred titles. The library is theology-centered Christian non-fiction. I personally oversee every book that gets placed into our library to ensure proper theology. There are a variety of topics from spiritual growth to Bible studies. Even if you were a voracious reader you could spend years and not have read everything. Special thanks to Crossway publishers for donating a plethora of books to Cornerstone’s library.

CONFERENCES: Over the years we have taken dozens of people to a variety of Christian conferences. These conferences tend to be focused on certain topics or needs of our church and communities. We believe that everyone in a Christian community can help in some way meet the needs of others. Here is an article I wrote about it.

FELLOWSHIP: There are a variety of ways that we fellowship at Cornerstone from organic friendships, fellowship dinners, and  refreshments after church. These are always opportunities to interact with the people of God to help us grow closer to Him and each other.

SERVING: One of the greatest ways to grow spiritually, which is often overlooked, is by serving. Serving at church often helps us grow spiritually. It challenges us in some areas and helps us develop in others. Jesus said He came to serve. He is our example.

MUSIC: I almost would title this area worship, but worship encompasses so much more than music. Music is a time to reflect on God, be taught theology through its words, and express through music the spiritual life you have been given.

COMMUNION: We have communion weekly at our church. While this is a time to celebrate the sacrifice of Christ, this is also an area to grow spiritually. We ask every week that people take time to reflect on sins they have committed, and confess them to God, before coming to celebrate communion.

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