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Attending Church Gives You Courage to Face Life

The reality is that we all need courage to face life. We all have some issues – whether emotional, relational, physical, mental, spiritual, and/or financial. We have events and seasons in life when we need the courage to press on and do so well. Where can you get that courage? My contention is that you can get it at church. Church is a place for encouragement, which means it is a place to get courage.

A 2020 study reported by several national outlets found that those who attended church regularly, versus those who did not attend, had better physical and mental health. This included a 33% reduced risk of death, 50% reduced risk of divorce, 84% reduced risk of suicide, and 68% reduced risk of deaths of despair for women. You can see the full chart here ( 

Why do those who attend church regularly have the courage to face life? Because they are being encouraged. The Gospel is encouraging. The community is encouraging. They are told, even when they can’t handle things, God can. He is with them, and He won’t forsake them. When they struggle, they have people to help them and encourage them.

This comes through a variety of means, such as singing about a great God who can be our anchor in times of trouble. It comes through fellowship with believers who will hold us up when we are weak. Through the teaching and preaching of the Word that shows people God has a purpose for them. Through serving they realize that life is bigger than them. It comes through prayer – casting your cares on the God of eternity.

Need encouragement? Come to church. Need encouragement? Become part of the church. Develop relationships within the church. 

Do you need encouragement in one area of life? Do you get encouragement at church if you attend? What area of the church service or church life provides the most encouragement for you?

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