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Christian, Stop Making Peace

Anytime we have an oversimplification of an issue, we tend to go astray. When we are too simpleminded and only look in one area of Scripture avoiding others, we make mistakes. One area is peacemaking.

Christians are all called to make peace. We are called to be peacemakers. Peace is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit’s mark on your life (Galatians 5:22-23). Jesus also said those who are peacemakers because of who they are in Christ are so in part because they are sons of God (Matthew 5:9).

We oversimplify things like this, and then end up making sinful decisions. The reality is, we are not to make peace everywhere. We are not called to make peace where God has not called us to peace. 

We are to make peace in Christ, and therefore, there are times we are not to make peace. In fact, there are times we are called to separate and to divide.

If peacemaking meant peacemaking in every arena of life, then why would anyone persecute us? If we supported every lifestyle, every philosophy of others, why would people revile us? In the Sermon on the Mount, this is what Jesus says will happen to Christians right after He says in Matthew 5:9 “blessed are the peacemakers.

There are many warnings in Scripture against making peace and instead to separate. When false teachers are among us, we are told to put them out of the church (I Timothy 6:3-5). There are times people attempt to pull us away from the truth of God, and we are told to separate from them. There are people that we as Christians are told not to join because they are not on the same mission as us, and they are not serving the same King (II Corinthians 6:14).

There are many areas Christians are supposed to make peace: areas within our families, godly relationships, our churches when God calls us to peace. But let’s make sure if we are making peace, it’s in an area where God calls us to peace. If not, stop making peace where God has called you not to make peace.

Who are you trying to make peace with that God has called you to separate from? Where do you need to draw the line with someone? Is there someone, something, or some philosophy that you are trying to unite, that Jesus has not called you to make peace with?

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