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Adam’s Kingdom Success, Failure, and Hope

When we think about Adam, we often think about His sin and failure. Partially because  it is such a devastating blow to mankind. It was sin that brought sin to all mankind. Romans 5:12 says, “Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned.” It was the first breach into the earth of sin if you will. 

Before we look at the fall of Adam, let’s look at his success. We are quick to dismiss it, because of the consequences of the sin, but let’s see what Adam did right first. I want to note that before Adam and his wife took the forbidden fruit, he was ruling and reigning well.

I use those terms rule and reign specifically pointing out the kingdom language. As I have studied the Kingdom of God, (3 Basics to Understanding “The Kingdom of God”, 3 Basics to Understanding “The Kingdom of God” & 4 Resources about the Kingdom of God) I have found kingdom language not just used in the New Testament, but throughout Scripture. 

Adam is given charge of a kingdom. In Genesis 1:26, after God created everything, He gave Adam charge over the domain of the Garden of Eden. Not only was Adam given dominion over a certain area of the Earth, this garden, but he ruled over it well. “Domain” is kingdom language.

In Genesis 2:15 we see that Adam is both working and keeping the garden. He is in charge of the agriculture of this space on Earth, and he is accomplishing the mission God set before him. In Genesis 2:20 Adam is managing the livestock. Again, Adam is in charge and rules over a business, and is successful in that mission. We should give Adam credit for this. He poured himself into building this kingdom. 

Then Adam sins, he messes up. He fails to rule and reign over himself, his wife, and protect that which God had called him to build. He eats the forbidden fruit with his wife (Genesis 3:6), and the kingdom that he built with his hands and mind came crashing to the ground (Genesis 3:16-19). 

How did Adam tear his kingdom down. He did it through neglect and disobedience. His desire to let his wife do what she wanted. His desire to become, or attempt to become, like God. All of these things helped tear down the kingdom God had given him.

We do not know the timeline of these events, but we must not think that this was merely a bad day. Adam clearly did not work and keep the garden, and name hundreds of thousands of animals and then sin that night. He probably ruled and reigned well for a while, then failed his kingdom. 

Think about the devastation Adam would have had by tearing down what he had built under God’s rule and reign. All of that energy, sweat, tears put into a kingdom, which he would be banished from; a kingdom well built that he would not get to reap from any more.

We are like Adam. God gives us arenas of life to rule and reign over. Sometimes we build them with God’s strength, and other times we tear them down through sin. Whether it is finances, relationships, careers, businesses, marriages, or the like, we are either building up or tearing down the kingdom of God. Stop and think about what God has called you to build in your life, and how you can build it up, and avoid tearing that kingdom down.

There is hope. Hope for you and me. The hope is that while we fail to rule and reign over our lives, there is one who has reigned perfectly over His life. That person is Jesus Christ. Adam was told that there would be a conquering King who would do this, first prophecy in Genesis 3:15. A King who would conquer sin, death, and Satan. A good reading of Hebrews 2:5-9 will show you that Jesus is the ultimate King. Because He was perfect, He can pay for our sins and redeem us from failing to live as perfect kings and queens in our lives.

What areas of your life has God called you to rule over? Where can King Jesus give you strength to grow in having dominion over that part of life? Have you called out to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, for salvation? Have you put your trust in His perfect sinless life on this earth, and His sacrificial work on the cross to save you from your sins?

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