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4 Resources about the Kingdom of God

Recently I have been doing a lot of study on what is called “The Kingdom of God” and “The Kingdom of Heaven.” These phrases or ideas are used throughout Scripture. Matthew uses the word, “Kingdom,” often quoting Jesus about 55 times. I have written about the “3 Basics to Understanding the Kingdom of God” and “How to live in the Kingdom of God.” I want to give further resources on understanding the Kingdom of God.

#1. Kingdom Man: Every Man’s Destiny, Every Woman’s Dream by Tony Evans. Pastor Tony Evans has a plethora of resources on the Kingdom of God. This book of course is geared towards men. He also has Kingdom books on marriage, women, singles, and stewardship, including many videos online on the topic of the Kingdom of God as well. 

#2. The Kingdom of God by Martin Lloyd-Jones. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was a 20th century medical doctor, and evangelical minister in England. He has written this book on 12 key thoughts concerning the Kingdom of God. Any serious student of the Kingdom of God should read this book to get an overview of what Scripture teaches about the Kingdom of God.

#3. John Piper’s teachings on the Kingdom of God. There are two resources I recommend. The first are his full sermons which you can find on YouTube. The second is either on video or podcast as a part of “Ask John Piper” series where he tackles questions in about 10 minutes. 

#4. The last resource is the book of Matthew. I know that probably sounds like cheating. Here is my recommendation. Get a notepad and a pen. As you read through the book of Matthew, every time you run into the Kingdom language, write that verse down. Then under it write two or three sentences about what you have learned concerning the Kingdom of God. This study may take some time, but will probably give you a pretty full understanding of the Kingdom of God.

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