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3 Basics to Understanding “The Kingdom of God”

The phrase “the kingdom of God” can be found throughout Scripture. It is especially highlighted in the gospels: Jesus speaks the most about it. In the book of Matthew, the phrase is used 55 times. The understanding, or misunderstanding as it may be, of the kingdom of God can be confusing. 

It is often overlooked how much the theme runs throughout Scripture. It is a detailed study, which cannot be simply written about in a short article. However, I would like to lay out 3 basic ideas concerning the kingdom of God.

  1. The Kingdom is “already, not yet.” 

I put these words in highlights, because it is an often used theological term. It simply means that in part, the kingdom already exists, but it is not in its full development yet. We can see it lived out, or enjoy pieces of it now as we and others live the way King Jesus calls us to live. But we still live in an earth with sin, and those who reject God all together. Not yet, until we are in Heaven, will we experience the perfect Kingdom of God. When Jesus was on this earth, He said that “it was in the midst of them” at that time (Luke 17:21). He also prays “your kingdom come” in the future in Matthew 6:10.

  1.  The Kingdom is not visible in typical kingdom ways.

When we think of kingdoms, we often think of ancient times of kings, castles and borders. When Jesus taught about His kingdom, He said that the kingdom was not visible. He did not mean that the kingdom could not be seen. He meant that the Kingdom of God was not like earthly kingdoms. It did not have borders. It existed not within a specific space, but within His believers. He says in Luke 17:20, “it is not coming in ways that can be observed.” 

  1. To be a part of the Kingdom is to make Jesus King.

The question is, how can you be a part of God’s Kingdom, or “the kingdom of God,” or “the kingdom of Heaven” as it is called in other places? The key is that Jesus is your King. What does that mean? When we think of kings, we think of how a king rules an area or a people. When we talk about Jesus being the king, we mean that He has rule and reign over our lives. He is in charge. We are His servants. We follow Him in His ways. 

The first way is by accepting the salvation of King Jesus. Simply, it is to enter His Kingdom. This involves confession of sin, repentance or turning from sin, and belief that He can save you from your sin. It’s turning from our ways to God’s ways. Matthew 4:17 says, “from that time Jesus began to preach, saying, ‘repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’” We must first accept the fact that we are sinners, and in need of a savior. We turn to Him to save us, and to pay for our sins, and begin a life of following after Him. 

What do you think about the Kingdom of God? Are you a part of it? Do you see it being displayed in your life if you are a Christian or in the life of others? If you are not a part of that kingdom, will you join King Jesus today in His Kingdom?

To continue the study of what the Kingdom of God is, read Matthew and write down every time the Kingdom of God is talked about, and what it says about the Kingdom of God.

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