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The Miracle of Eternal Matter

For some reason many believe that the debate between the ideas of creation and secular evolution  has existed only for a couple hundred years since the “prophet” Charles Darwin was born. Is this really the case? Not really. Lucretius, a Roman poet and philosopher, contended for an anti-God existence of our planet. His secular atomic theory (everything is atoms or everything is matter, even our emotions, and nothing is spiritual) can be found in his classical book On the Nature of Things.

The debate of the universe’s birth is very multifaceted. There is even infighting on both sides between atheists and between creationists on details of their theory. This is a blog, so we can’t even begin to skim the surface of the debate, but I would like to touch on one particular issue.

This is not a place to divulge or contend every point, so I would like you to think with me about one thing. You must believe in one of two things: you must believe in either an eternal supreme being who created matter or that matter is eternal. If you believe in secular evolution, you must believe in eternal matter. Why?

Well let’s say that you believe in the Big Bang Theory and the secular evolutionary theory. In order for you to believe in the Big Bang you must believe that there was matter, or atoms, to go bang. Simply, there must have been matter before the bang for those things to go bang. If you do not believe in an eternal being, you must believe in eternal matter.

If you are someone who believes in secular evolution, have you ever stopped to wonder where the matter from the Big Bang originated? The reality is things don’t just appear out of the air. You may say to the Christian, “I can’t believe in creation because I don’t believe in God.” Here’s what I would say to you: it takes just as much, if not more faith to believe in eternal matter that was never created than it does in an all-powerful supreme being who created matter. Both of these hypotheses  take some level of faith, because none of us reading this were there when creation began.

As a Christian, I believe in a God who created the cosmos. I don’t have time to address some of the simple and complex reasons I believe that, other than what I already addressed. But I do hope that if you are reading this blog and have believed in secular evolution and secular cosmic existence, you will just take a breath, step back for a second, and think through this dilemma.

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