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5 Ways for Kids to Honor Mom

In Scripture we are told to “honor your father and mother (Exodus 20:12).” This is given as part of the Ten Commandments. It is then repeated in the letter the apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians. This reminds us of how the Ten Commandments are still for today.

The question is, what does it practically mean to honor one’s mother? We probably have a vague idea, but what does it look like specifically and practically?

First of all, honor has the idea of respecting and esteeming. Both of these words mean that we hold them in high regard. We have a high value of them. We lift them up. Here are five ways to practically do that.

#1 Speak respectfully to your mother.

The simplest way to show respect is by speaking respectfully. This means not back talking. It also means speaking pleasantly to her. You can also show how you value her in your speech. 

#2 Do what she asks you to do.

We follow those who we respect. Those who we esteem we obey. If we are to honor our mother, we will do what she asks, how she asks it to be done, in the time she asks it to be done.

#3 Tell others how great she is.

We can also honor our mothers by verbally praising her to others. Proverbs 31:28 says this is what children of godly mothers do. You can tell your friends, your dad, your relatives the specific things she has done to bless your life.

#4 Appreciate her.

Just appreciate her. Value that you have a mom, and value what she has blessed your life with. Be thankful for what she does for you, even in the everyday grind of taking you to a soccer game, making a meal for you, or helping keep the house clean one more time.

#5 Listen to her advice.

Another way to show her respect is to value her opinion. Your mother has experienced much more than you ever have. She has had failures, and knows where certain paths lead. By listening to her, we value her opinion and what she has to offer in trying to guide us through life.

Think On It

Do you value your mother?

Do you respect and honor her?

What ways could you change how you act and react to her?

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