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Two God Given Goals for Men

When God placed Adam in the garden, He didn’t do it for him to just hang out. He did it for him to have a mission and a purpose. That mission was twofold: work and guard the garden and everything in it.

Genesis 2:15 says, “The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” God was the one who decided man’s mission. He then put him in a certain place with certain tasks.

The first question you have to ask as a man is, where has God placed you? Where is your garden? What is the domain He has placed you over? These domains are; first yourself, second your wife and children. After this it also involves the church you belong to, the community God has placed you in, and the job He has given you.

Adam’s call to work was for fruitfulness. He was called to take care and produce more than he needed. He was called to bless Eve, who God placed in the garden with Adam, the animals, and eventually the children God would give. 

The second question is, how are you being fruitful with what God has given you? If He has given you a wife, are you being fruitful to have children if God blesses you so? If He has given you a job, do you take what your employer has given you and use it to produce more in other areas? If He has placed you in a community, how are you putting more into the community than you are taking? 

The second mission Adam was given was to keep the garden. This has the idea of guarding it. Everything God placed in the garden, Adam was called to protect. Adam failed and lost his domain because of it. 

Who has God called you to guard, men? A wife, children, career, community? How are you protecting what you have produced? What action steps are you taking to make sure that your wife, kids, church, and community are cared for and protected? 

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