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5 Ways Adults Can Honor Their Mom

Last time we looked at how children can honor their mothers. You can read that here. Now we want to look at specific ways of how adult children can honor their mothers. God calls us to honor our mothers (see Exodus 20:12). Here’s five ways to do that.

#1 Show thankfulness for raising you well.

The first way to honor her is to thank you for raising you well where she did. If she took you to church, disciplined you, loved you, cared for you. You can still thank her for what she did in the past. That verbal affirmation will bless her more than you can imagine. 

#2 Forgive her for where she didn’t do that well.

None of our moms were perfect. In fact some of them were less than average. A large way to honor your mother is to forgive her for where she failed you. Instead of holding onto a grudge, realize she was human as well. Cover the sin that she did against you out of love.

#3 Take care of your parents.

Another way to honor your mother is to care for her. Caring for your parents may involve doing things for them around the house, to taking them to doctors appointments, to taking them into your home. Make sure their basic and daily needs are met.

#4 Talk well of her in public.

A great way to honor your mother is to speak well of her in public. Instead of talking about her failures, talk about what she did well. Tell others some of the amazing things she did for you growing up.

#5 Spend time with her.

A way to show her respect is to spend time with her. Listen to her advice, tell her about your life. Maybe just have a meal together. Just spending some basic time with her will make her feel esteemed in life.

Think On It

How do you honor your mother as an adult?

Do you still esteem her?

Does she feel honored in how you act, react, and interact with her?

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