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Book Review: The Black and White Thinking Christian by Fred Jacoby

I was asked to read and review  The Black and White Thinking Christian by my friend Fred Jacoby. Fred Jacoby is the founder and director of Foundations Christian Counseling Services in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He has been a friend of mine for years, and we have worked on several projects together through  his counseling ministry and my blog. That being said, I believe my review of his new book will be honest.

The Black and White Thinking Christian carves a niche into a part of both counseling, theology, and Christian thinking that I have not run across in book form yet. It takes time to explain the difference between people who are black and white thinkers and those who are relational thinkers. It does so theologically, anthropologically, and practically.

For those who do not know the difference, you will almost certainly see yourself as one of those two kinds of thinkers early in the book. He provides great insight into understanding who we are and how we tick. However, he doesn’t just leave you there.

In the book, Fred takes time to show the strengths and weaknesses of the black and white thinkers. He displays how different kinds  of thinkers can take their God-given personality and harness it, or perhaps when it may hurt others, or capitalize it when it can be used for God’s glory.

If you believe that you are a relational thinker, and not a black and white thinker, I encourage you to read this book. Almost certainly you are married to, or the parent or child of a black and white thinker. This will help you better understand what makes others  tick, how you, as a relational thinker can relate to them, and how you can actually use your polar opposite personalities to team up together to create something better than you would have alone.

The Black and White Thinking Christian is a very quick read. With short chapters, lots of short stories as examples, and great perceptiveness to the matter, you will find yourself quickly making your way through this book, and wanting to share or talk about it with others.

Fred has also been a guest blogger at Maddening Theology.  You can read his guest blog here.

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