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Helping People Grow Spiritually Part II

This is a three part series called “Helping People Grow Spiritually.” In Part 1  we talked about how we need to be good listeners, gentle, patient, and help bear others’ burdens This week we will talk about why we need to speak truth, check up on those we are helping and how we can minister the fruit of the spirit to them.


The best way we can help others is by speaking the truth to them. If someone is headed down a path that is taking them away from God, not speaking truth to them hurts them, and does not help them.

We need to speak the truth in love. This goes back to the idea from the last article of being patient with them. It also means that we need not just speak lovingly, but to love them. If we look at ourselves as someone who is  just a truth dispenser, they don’t need us. They can find what they need on the internet. But if we love them, we will have a desire to speak the truth to them and have a heart for them to change, because it will glorify God and give them the love they need.

Also, in this area, as I help people grow spiritually, I often find that if someone is struggling, whether it is because of their sin, or being sinned against, it is because they are listening to lies. Satan is lying to them. It is imperative that we point out both the lie of Satan  to them, and the truth that God speaks, both in a general and specific manner. I’ve written on some of Satan’s top lies, and the corresponding truths of God.


Often when people are hurting or struggling, they can’t see out of the darkness of their own problem. They struggle with reaching out to others. You can help them by regularly checking up on them.

Sometimes this looks like a  two-hour conversation over coffee with a deep conversation. Other times this looks like a text out, and a text back. Simply, “I’m here if you need me” or “how are you doing?” We are to encourage and build each other up (I Thessalonians 5:11, Proverbs 27:17).

The question I think we need to ask ourselves is, are we willing to chase people? I’m not saying we do this forever. But think of times in your life when  you were struggling or not following God. How did God chase you despite your rejection or absence of Him in your life during that time?


One area that you can easily help people through struggles is the fruit of the Spirit, which is found in Galatians 5:22-23. Pull out your Bible with them and read the list of fruits that the Holy Spirit puts in our lives as Christians.

Where do they struggle with having the fruit in their lives? If they are in sin, what areas are they neglecting to let the Holy Spirit work in them in that area? Use this as a talking point. Or, if they are struggling because someone is sinning against them, what area of the fruit of the Spirit is not being given to them by other Christians?  (How can you speak those fruits or give them that fruit so they can have that in their life?)

Which of these three areas do you need help to develop skills in the area of helping others? Are you willing to speak the truth to people in love, and do you love them enough to speak the truth to them? Which  fruit of the Spirit do they need planted in their lives? Continue to work with them. Remember that if you are attempting to help, whether or not they accept what you are giving, you are successful if you are trying to point them to God.

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