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4 Ways the Holy Spirit Guides Us in Life

The Holy Spirit is probably the most misunderstood member of the Trinity. It is important for the believer to know how the Holy Spirit does and does not work. Here are 4 ways the Holy Spirit guides believers.

#1 The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin.

The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin because He is better than our conscience. He is specific and always right. Our conscience can be twisted on what we see as right and wrong. Since the Holy Spirit is God, He knows exactly what is right every time. That’s why John 16:8 says, “He will convict the world concerning sin.”

#2 The Holy Spirit gives us power, love, and self-discipline.

The apostle Paul talks about this in II Timothy 1:7. He enables us to love the way we are supposed to, and have the discipline to act the way God calls us to. The Holy Spirit has the power to guide us in these areas.

#3 The Holy Spirit teaches us Jesus’ way.

John talks about this in John 14:26. He tells us what Jesus says, that the Holy Spirit will teach us His ways. The Holy Spirit and Jesus are one. The Holy Spirit will never guide us in a different direction than Jesus. The Holy Spirit guides us where Jesus wants us.

#4 The Holy Spirit leads us in our daily life.

Romans 8:14-16 teaches us that the Holy Spirit is the one who leads us in life. If we listen to Him, and follow His ways, we will be on the path God wants us.

Do you follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, or give into your flesh? Do you listen to Him, or try to block Him out? Do you take note when He points out sin in your life? 

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