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God Gives His Children Extra Blessings

Common vs Special Grace

As a dad, I love doing special things for and with my children. I love taking them out for ice cream or pizza, spending individual time with them. Although, one of my favorites is taking a ninja vacation. This is where my wife and I pack the bags without telling the kids, throw them in the car, and just start driving towards our destination. Because they are my children, I attempt to pour extra kindness on them.

While I am around other people’s children, I attempt to give them attention as well. Whether coaching soccer, interacting with the kids at church, being at the park with other families, or spending time with family and being around my nieces and nephews. I like giving fist bumps, asking kids how their sports team is doing, or talking about their other interests.

The reality is that you and I only have so much time, money and energy. We can only give so much. Also, we have only been called to do so much. Other children have their own parents or guardians. So I mostly focus on mine. There is nothing wrong with that.

God works in the same way. He blesses everyone on Earth sometimes, and only His children other times. To everyone He gives what is called common grace. Grace is unearned kindness. Common means it applies to most everyone. 

Matthew 5:45b, “For He makes His sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust.” Here God is blessing everyone, regardless if they are His followers or not.

There are a variety of ways God gives common grace. It’s not just sending the sun or rain. Unbelievers can experience the blessing of children or marriage or friendship. 

God also gives special attention to believers. We call this special attention special grace. It is because it is only for His children, not for everyone. This special grace includes salvation, having a God Who you can rely on every minute of the day, special love, mercy, forgiveness and the like.

Christians should find it a special blessing to receive special grace. Knowing that not everyone receives it should cause us to feel extra loved and extra blessed. It should bring us much gratitude in life.

Are you one of God’s children to receive special grace? What are other special graces you receive because you are a child of God? How does knowing you are given extra special grace change how you feel about life and yourself?

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