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Be Aware of Satan’s Attacks

We need to know our enemy and how he works. If we know who Satan is and how he works, we can use this to our advantage. We can be prepared for temptations and attacks.

Matthew 4:1-11 gives us the story of the temptation of Jesus. Satan tempts Jesus and we can see how he works. Satan attacks after spiritual wins; he attacks everyone, not just the weak; and he offers things that are not his to give.

First, notice that Satan will attack us after spiritual wins. This may seem odd, because we would think Satan would not attack us when we are strong. But this is one of his tactics. We can be distracted by the wins and think we are invincible. When did Satan attack Jesus? Right after His baptism – right after a spiritual victory. So why would we think just because we were just at church, read our Bible, worked hard for God’s glory at our job, or cared for our family well that Satan wouldn’t attack us?

Second, Satan attacks everyone, not just the weak. While Satan looks for “someone to devour” and often that is the weak, it is often those who are alone. But Satan doesn’t care who he attacks. He will also attack the strong. If he attacks Jesus, he will attack you. Don’t be fooled just because you are a leader of a church, seasoned Christian, and/or in your Bible daily that you will not be attacked.

Third, Satan attacks by offering things that are not his. In Satan’s temptation of Jesus, Satan attempts to offer Jesus the whole world if Jesus will worship him. The reality is Jesus owns the world. It is not Satan’s. 

He does the same with us. God promises provision through His way of earning money. Satan offers taking advantage of people, cheating people, and cutting corners to earn funds. When it comes to marriage God provides a believing husband or wife. Satan offers people who are not our spouses. God offers great, godly relationships to enjoy life with while Satan offers people who attempt to pull us away from Jesus. Satan offers things which are not his.

Think about your own temptations. Which of these ways does Satan seem to attack you through? Does he often attack you after spiritual wins? Does he attack you letting you think you are stronger than you are? Does he tempt you with things that are not his? 

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