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4 Ways to Serve Others Like Jesus Served You

Christians are called to serve others. They are called to give their lives as an act of service because Jesus served them (Matthew 25:34-40). Our service flows out of being served by Jesus because His life was a life of service (Matthew 20:28). We can learn how to serve others by how Jesus served us. Here are four ways Jesus served us.

#1 Go to People to Serve Them

Jesus served us by coming to Earth. Now, was He serving us from Heaven? Of course He was, but His ultimate act of service was dying on the cross to pay for our sins. He could only do that by coming to us. He could only die by becoming human, by taking on flesh (Philippians 2:6-7).

Sometimes when people need to be served they can come see us or we can invite them. Often though, we need to go to people to serve them. There are times when being available is not enough. Like Jesus, we need to go to people to serve them.

#2 Serve Others Despite Being Uncomfortable

When Jesus came to Earth to save us, He did so despite it being uncomfortable. He left His perfect, sinless home in Heaven. He left a perfect environment where no one sinned against Him, He was never hungry, and the temperature was perfect. He came and was poor with us (II Corinthians 8:9).

Often if we want to serve people, we need to be uncomfortable. We need to get messy. Why is that? Because, when people need to be served they are often in a mess. A spiritual, financial, physical, mental, relational, or mental mess. So if we are to serve people like Jesus served us, plan to be uncomfortable.

#3 Stay with People You Serve

What Jesus did not do is come down to Earth for the weekend, bear the horrific weight of the cross, and go back home. He came to live with us and be with us. 

Often people are happy with driveby ministry. They want to come and sit with someone for a couple minutes for a “one and done” timeframe. The reality is often serving means staying with people. More time and effort require followup to build a relationship. 

#4 Serve People Physically and Spiritually

We could look at dozens of passages concerning this. Jesus came to serve people both physically and spiritually (not that our spirit and bodies are split). But He fed, healed, and comforted. He also called to repentance, discipled, and proclaimed the Gospel to people.

Often churches and/or Christians become unbalanced in this and pick one side or another. If we are to serve people like Jesus served us, we need to care about them spiritually and physically. 

How do you serve people? Do you go to them, or wait till they come to you? Do you serve them in a mess, or only when it is easy? Do you stay with the people you serve or do drive by ministry? Do you care about people’s physical and spiritual nature, or just one? What ways can you better serve others like Jesus has served you?

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