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Critical Theory and Cultural Marxism – Five Christian Resources

Critical theory and cultural Marxist ideas have been around for a while, of course back to the time of Karl Marx. This piece is not intended to be a refutation of those ideals, even though I would contend that not only are these ideas not Christian, but they are an enemy of Christianity and the Gospel. That piece will be saved for another time. I am asked often for good resources on how Christians should think about these things. I would like to give you 5 (really 9) solid resources on this subject.

  1. RATIO CHRISTI: This is a short book that you could easily read in an hour. It is thoughtful and gracious. It is put out by a group called Ratio Christi which is Latin for “The Reason of Christ.” The book is free for download here.
  2. VODDIE BAUCHAM: His series of talks are helpful. He has been warning the church for over a decade about this Christian heresy and how it has even crept into the church. Voddie teaches in a very simple and humble way. These are not the links but the titles that you can search. You can find most of them either on YouTube or in podcast form. 
  1. “Defining Social Justice.”
  2. “Ethnic Gnosticism”
  3. “Cultural Marxism”
  4. “Racial Reconciliation” 
  1. GLENN SUNSHINE: The third is a technical and long discussion by Glenn Sunshine. Glenn is a professor, blogger, podcaster, and author of many books. He also has taken part in a vlog with me: “Should Christians Watch and Read Fantasy?” The talk Glenn gave on this is available free on YouTube through his ministry, “Every Square Inch Ministries.” This was a live zoom class, so there is discussion at the end. While this is technical, you will find Glenn very humble and respectful as he walks through these ideas.
  2. DOUG WILSON: For those who know Doug, he comes across as a little brash. If you are able to wade through that, you will find his discussion with Voddie Baucham and the group from CrossPolitic very helpful.
  1. MARC RAMIREZ: I am including him for several reasons. First, Marc is a personal friend of mine. Second, the sermon Marc gave on critical theory keeps things very basic and does a great side-by-side comparison with the Gospel. Third, Marc has not spent his time in deep study of critical theory like all of those above. That is not to degrade Marc, but to show that while these ideas are complex at times, they can easily be broken down for the average Christian. When Marc gave this sermon, he told me that he was not even aware of many of the basic tenets of it until about two weeks beforehand. He did a solid job.

This will continue to be an ongoing discussion as it becomes more popular. Christians need to be prepared for the conversation both within the church and the public square. Critical theory and cultural Marxism are an enemy of Christ, Christians, and the Church. We must fight against the lies and anti-Gospel message it promotes.

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