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The Gospel and the Sin of Racism: Where Races are Ideologically Divided (Part 2)

In Part 1 we looked at the reason why there is only one race, and how that helps us understand the sin of racism. All men today, despite skin tone, are from one race descending from Adam and Eve. Every human is created from one blood. We said that because Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, and because every person is a descendant of them, people of every skin tone reflect the image of God, and should be respected in that way.

This article will be laying out a base claim that racism, while sin, does not find its modern roots in Christianity, but atheistic evolutionary Darwinism. First, let me say that this does not mean that I don’t believe that Christians have never committed the sin of racism. Neither does it mean that I believe Christians have not attempted to pervert Scripture in the justification of racism.

As we have seen from the first article in this series, God and the truths of Christianity are not to blame. However, Christians who sin and disregard God’s ways are to in those times. That being said, while Christians at times have perverted God’s Word to attempt to excuse or promulgate sin, atheistic evolutionary Darwinism is at its root racist. It is not that the people of that theory have twisted Charles Darwin’s truth, but they are actually consistently living it out. 

This comes from the base theory Darwin promoted in his famous book, On the Origin of Species. Most are unaware that there is a racist subtitle of the book, and somewhat because some have attempted to scrub it from history. This is not conspiracy, but can easily be found by anyone looking at base evidence. The subtitle of the book is “Or the preservation of favored races in the struggle of life.” 

In this subtitle we see several things. First, we see the idea that there are multiple races, which is against Christianity belief. Second, we see Darwin believes that there are to be favored races. Third, there is the concept that certain races will be preserved, which means others will not. This will create a struggle.

Generations of people taught Darwinistic atheistic evolution throughout society can be expected to then act racist and divisive. If you think that only certain races will survive, this automatically puts you at odds with others. If you believe that life is either eat or be eaten, how will people start to act? This is why we do not just have struggles between nations, but between people of different skin tones as well.

How does the Christian worldview of race stack up against Darwinian evolution? How do you think the eat or be eaten idea of this theory plays a part in how people of different skin tones treat each other in society? How can viewing each other as one human race made in the image of God Christian bring healing to the racial divide?

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