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How to Biblically Cast Vision for Individuals Part IV

This is the last of our four-part series on casting vision for individuals. You can read about how to point individuals back to God here, the example of God casting vision for Cain here, and a case study of how to specifically cast vision here.


Something to consider when individually vision casting is using what God has done in and for others to help them see what they can’t. Many times, when I am counseling individuals or couples, they can’t seem to see what God could do in them if they obey. Or more specifically, they can’t see a way out of their sin. Many times, we need to use the example of others to show them God’s grace and mercy which they haven’t experienced yet.

This is why Romans 15:4 talks about how the Old Testament helps to see others who have followed God and who God was faithful to. There is hope for their situation; hope that God can do something in them, despite their sin; hope that God can make a new way for them (Isaiah 43:19).

There are times when I will point out someone in our church, usually anonymously, who has been in a similar situation, and how God has given mercy, grace and kindness to them. God brought them out of the fire. They are usually shocked because they often think they are the only ones struggling with a specific situation. Often I will ask that other person if they would sit with the person I am counseling and share with them how God was merciful and gracious to them.

This is part of why we have the Scriptures and Old Testament. They show the blessings of following God, but also the consequences of sin for those who reject God. These are given all through Scripture (Deuteronomy 28, John 13:17, Galatians 6:8). We can learn from the characters of the Bible and their choices, blessings, and consequences.

What Old Testament character is going through what the person you are vision casting for is going through? Is there someone in your church or Christian circles you can anonymously give as an example of those who follow Christ? What will life look like if they follow God?

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