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How to Biblically Cast Vision for Individuals Part III

This is a four-part series on casting visions for individuals. Often people want to know what their futures look like. We can help them by casting a vision for them. You can read Part I and Part II. Today we will provide a case scenario of how to cast vision for an individual.


Let me give an example of what this may look like practically. As a pastor and a man, I counsel men a lot. Of course counseling often happens when something isn’t going well, although it could come with a big life choice.

Let’s say a guy comes to me struggling with a big sin. It’s something he is failing at over and over again. One thing I do is try to forthtell and individual vision cast for him. I show what Scripture says about that sin, and what the consequences are of that sin. Then I attempt to get him to specifically think about what life will look like in a year, a decade, or at the end of the life depending on this decision.

For example, “Bill, I know you think that leaving your wife seems like a good idea now. But she wants to work things out. If you are both repentant of sin and forgiving, God can heal this marriage. More than that, let’s think about your future.

“Next Christmas, I want you to picture yourself sitting at home alone, without your wife and children. See yourself taking a massive pay cut while you write checks to your wife, or rely on one income. I want you to picture sharing those little league moments with your son with another man. I want you to picture your daughter choosing someone like you for a spouse. Would you want her to be abandoned in the same way?” 

The reality is, I will also walk this man through the ultimate reason for obedience: to glorify God. But these consequences are realities of a man’s sin to leave a wife who is willing to work things out. Often, people don’t stop to think of future consequences. 

Then I try to get him to envision what life will look like if he does what God calls him to. “Bill, now I want you to envision what life would look like if you follow God’s plan. Let’s say you both turn to God and he heals your marriage. Now picture a joyful Christmas with your family. Picture being your son’s hero. Picture spending time with him any time you want to throw the ball in the yard.

“Now let’s look way down the road. It’s 30 years from now. You are retired. You slowly walk into church with your wife. You come early and save three sections of seats. Minutes later your three children and their spouses and your grandchildren come in. They are following God and receiving His blessings that He gives to those who love and obey Him. You watch your children in leadership positions at the church, and your grandchildren run to children’s ministries, and play on the playground after a summer service. How do you feel about these two separate visions?”

I have done this for countless men. I’ve watched more than one man get very overwhelmed about thinking about both of these scenarios. Often the sin that seemed enjoyable for a short season (Hebrews 11:25), now seems worthless. They can see how their choices lead to blessings and curses, not just for themselves, but even for their future generations.

In next week’s final blog on casting vision we will look at how the Old Testament can be used to cast vision.

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