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Like, Share, and Follow This Post to be Blessed

We have all seen the social media post declaring: “Follow this post to be blessed!” They have been shared hundreds of millions of times by your grandma, uncle, neighbor, and maybe by you.

Sometimes they come with the promise of material wealth. “Share this post and you will receive money.” Other times they are more vague in promises of blessing. But are we all that easily deceived? Do we really think that God works like that? Or that life works like that? All we have to do is share a post to receive a blessing?! 

I don’t think most people believe it. But it still gets shared by people “just in case.” If you are looking for blessings, I would like to share with you how to really be blessed by following and sharing a post. The difference is that there is no blessing for “liking” or “sharing.” This one takes action. It takes faith.

First and foremost to receive the ultimate blessing you must be saved, found in Christ, and be born again. Jesus is the greatest blessing that we can ever receive. You must believe that He is the God-Man who lived a perfect life, who died, was buried, and rose again. He did this to pay for your sins because you are a sinner. If you believe that, if your faith is truly in Him, then you will receive the greatest blessing – Jesus Christ.

“But wait, there’s more!” Blessings don’t stop with a relationship with Jesus or spending eternity with Him. They can start today! Scripture teaches us that as we reject the teachings of the wicked and follow the teaching of God and putting it into practice, we will find blessings.

This is what Psalm 1:1-3 teaches. As we reject sin and follow the righteous way of God and Christ, then and only then will we be blessed. Our blessing has a contingency and that is whether or not we are following God.

So why do so many people share these posts? Because clicking is easy and repenting is hard. “Liking” is easy and following after Jesus is tough. But if you give your life to Christ and submit to Him and His ways, then and only then, will you experience true blessings.

Have you put your faith in Christ to receive the ultimate blessing of being saved by Christ? Do you reject sin to miss the punishments which remove blessings from your life? Do you follow after Jesus and do what He says in order to receive the blessings that He wants to place on you? If you follow this post, which calls you to follow Christ, only then will you receive HIs blessings.

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