Cast Iron Gift Guide

For those who are regular readers of the blog, you know that this is a theological and philosophical site. What does cast-iron have to do with Christianity? Nothing. I just want  to share my passion of cast-iron for one week. I have put together a gift buying guide for those who may be interested.

Cast-iron is great because it is quality and not only will last you a lifetime (f cared for), but could be passed on to generations. For its length of use it’s really the best bang for the buck. I personally only buy American-made cast iron. Many fellow collectors have owned foreign-made cast iron, and often it ends up breaking because they’re not using the same quality materials or process.


skilletEverybody should own a basic skillet. We have a vintage Griswold #8 704H that sits on our stove as a fixture, which I reclaimed from a scrap yard. We use it every day.We love making steak in it, eggs, and no one has yet to convince me that they can make a better pancake out of



If you love biscuits for biscuits and sausage gravy                                                                    you have to own this pan. I just use a bisquit pansimple Betty Crocker recipe. Shannon, my wife, loves biscuits from scratch, which is also a hit with the kids. Eating a fresh handmade biscuit with some jelly on it is just Heaven itself.



6 quartEnameled cast iron gives the same quality cook, but is cared for a little differently. We make stews, chilies, and soups in them in the winter. Because they are cast iron they hold heat longer once taken out of the oven if you want seconds. There are a variety of these, but a basic 2- to 6-quart, depending on the size of your family, 



CAMP DUTCH OVEN. This is a Dutch oven with three legs on the bottom and a lip on the camp dutch ovenlid. It is made specifically for cooking outdoors, although you could still use it in your oven. If you’re someone who enjoys camping, or cooking around the fire, this is your pot. You can use charcoal or cook over an open

campfire with it.


It’s hard to use the word “need” here, but any enthusiast of cast iron needs the 17-inch large skillet. You might be thinking, “who needs a 17-inch wide 3-inch deep skillet?” First this could be used on top of a charcoal grill and turn it into a large flat cooking surface for the outdoors. I’ve used it for large functions. From lasagna to a 40-piece apple pie, to other treats, if you enjoy cooking you would be surprised how much you actually use this. P.S. Please measure your oven first as a few may be too small for this.

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