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15 Myths about Giving and Church Part I

When it comes to giving financially to a local church, there are lots of myths that need to be debunked. Many people have preconceived thoughts that God has addressed in His Word. We all tend to find ourselves having bought into one or more of these myths at some point in time. Here are the first 5 myths about giving from a three-part series.

#1 It’s My Money

The reality is nothing that we have is ours, and it is all God’s (Deuteronomy 10:14). Job 41:11 says that God is able to say “whatever is under the whole heaven is mine.” Some Christians think that after giving 10% to the church, the rest of the money is theirs. The reality is none of what we have is ours, and it is all God’s. We are not the owners of it, but the stewards of it.

#2 Too Poor to Give

Some think that they are too poor to give. The reality:, it’s not about the amount but the heart. When the widow gave her two mites (Luke 21:2-3) – and probably the least amount of anyone – Jesus said she “has put in more than all of them.” That’s because of what she gave as a percentage. No matter how much you have, you can give something.

#3 I Don’t Give, but I Serve

If people give a lot to the church financially, they think they don’t have to serve. Others believe because they serve, they don’t have to give. The reality is that neither of these concepts are in Scripture. There is no choice between giving or serving. God calls all Christians to both. 

#4 My Church Doesn’t Need My Money

Comparing giving totals to the church budget causes some to think their church doesn’t need their money so they use this as a reason to give less. The reality is there are always more people to minister to, more missionaries to support, and more ministries to fund. Just because the needs of the church are being met, doesn’t mean that they can’t do more if they had more funds.

#5 My Giving Ends at 10%

While some people struggle to give 10%, others do well giving a tithe, which is literally translated as 10%. While some do this willingly, there are those who think that their giving ends at 10%. They look at it as some mathematical obligation and do nothing else. 

Scripture has more to say about giving past 10%, which is not our ceiling, but our floor. This is taught to us in many passages, like Psalm 54:6, which addresses a “freewill offering.” This is giving to God more than 10%. 

Which of these 5 myths do you struggle with when it comes to giving to God and His work? Which ones have you thought about or believed before? What other myths about giving to God have you believed?

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