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How to Biblically Cast Vision for Individuals Part II

This is a four-part series on how to cast vision for individuals. Last week we saw that most vision casting should call people back to what God has already commanded, and not focus so much on trying to see the future. We also noted that vision casting should be more general than specific, especially if you are helping someone else. This week we will discuss how God casts a vision for Cain.


We can’t have a better example of casting vision for an individual than how God did it Himself. Let’s get more specific first on what a vision is: it is the ability to think about the future. It is the capacity to see what will happen to someone if he takes different paths in life. This is exactly what God did for Cain before Cain killed his brother Abel  in Genesis 4.

Cain’s offering to God was rejected. Cain was “very angry.” God comes to him and casts a vision for Cain. He says, ”If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it (7).” Notice that God is following what we talked about in part one – He is not calling Cain to anything new, but reinforcing what Cain was already called to. 

Essentially God is telling Cain, “Look at the two different paths you could take here. See where they both lead.” He tells him there are two choices and two destinations depending on the choice you make. 

And so, we too can vision cast for individuals. We may not be able to give specific vision, but God didn’t really give Cain specific vision here either. He gave Cain the big picture of the two places he could end up dependent on his decision. He gave him time to reflect and think. Would he obey God’s commands already set forth? Would he rule over sin, or would it rule over him? 

We can learn from God’s pattern here how to cast vision for individuals. What would your future or the future you are vision casting for look like depending on the choices you make? What will life look like if you follow God, or if you reject Him? What are the consequences and what are the blessings of those choices? 

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