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15 Myths about Giving and Church Part III

This is part three of three of a series of 15 myths about giving and church. You can read Part I and Part II here. Last week’s myths: money is evil anyway; I can give when I make more; God knows my heart; I can give what I have leftover; and I need to take care of my family first. Here are the last five myths.

#1 My Finances are a Mess

It would not surprise me that those who do not properly give to God have finances that are a mess. Giving is the first step in obeying God. If you don’t follow Him in your first step, why would you follow Him in what He says about saving, planning, contentment, working, or anything else that has to do with money and possessions. Put God first, and then start taking the other steps with money.

#2 I’m Giving More than I Gave Before

Some people have grown in their giving a little. They then hang their hat on a comparison of what they gave in the past. The reality is that we shouldn’t compare ourselves with anyone or anything except what Scripture says about giving.

#3 God Doesn’t Need My Money

The truth is God owns everything (Deuteronomy 10:14, Job 41:11), so He never runs out of resources. Just because He doesn’t lack doesn’t mean we don’t have to give. He has set up life in a way which He gives us His resources and asks us to give some back to Him. We have an opportunity to take part in it. This is a blessing.

#4 I Give to Other Ministries

While it is great to be generous and give to ministries outside of your church, God first and foremost calls us to give to our local church. This was the pattern set up in the early church. It’s the neighbor principle – you take care of those who are closest to you. You can give above and beyond that to other great Christian ministries. 

#5 I Only Give When I Go to Church

Some people see church as some sporting event, as a ticket to a show. If they don’t go that week, they don’t give. The reality is whether we are there or not, God has asked us and required of us a certain amount of money to be given to Him and our local church. We give to God regularly, not just the weeks we go to church.

Have any of these myths kept you from giving to your local church? What other reasons that are not Biblical keep you from giving? 

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